Why should you own Amit Bhar paintings?

The speciality of Amit Bhar Paintings

Amit Bhar is an excellent artist in India. He is known for his fine and contemporary art. He is famous for his works using watercolours.

Amit Bhar was inspired by the rustic beauty of Bengal to create amazing works. He was born in Hoogly Chinsurah in West Bengal. He started his artworks at a very early age. He did his graduation at Calcutta Government Art College. He was blessed by the guidance of notable artist named Shri Paresh Das when he did his graduation there. Later, he worked with other notable artist and enriched his style.

Amit Bhar has done 40 shows in a group and 12 solo shows with his artwork in India and few other countries. He did a solo show at the Gallery Cork, London. Amit bhar paintings stand beautiful in the homes of India, Europe, United stated of America and Canada. It would be a pride to adorn the walls of our home or office with his wonderful paintings. 

Amit Bhar could create amazing works in all the subjects. He lives in Bangalore at present.

Here are a few specialities of Amit Bhar paintings.

1)Looks realistic

Amit Bhar is an artist who was inspired by the beauty of nature. His paintings look more realistic and he a wonderful skill of making the colours look more real. He makes his art with the semi-realistic technique of texturing. His work looks amazing with the realistic view of the light and the shade. The work done by this wonderful artist will certainly catch the eyes of those who love realistic art and natural colours.

2)Abstract works are painted with fine details

Amit Bhar is known for his works using watercolours. He created abstract art will full dedication. One would really be amazed by the sight of his abstract art. The lovers of abstract art will certainly give an appreciation for the magic he does with his work. He puts his heart and soul to paint all the intricate details of the art. Abstract art will look beautiful in the living room, bedroom or even in places like restaurants and office.

3)Sense of spirituality and calmness

Amit Bhar was drawn into art as a child. Art gives him peace. The works are done by are mostly on nature. The water colours on his works make the natural scenery look live. The colours are chosen with the utmost care and it would have a flavour of spirituality. The paintings done by Amit Bhar will calm the mind as one watch it with wonder and love. Enjoying nature will give a divine feel. But the natural scenery done by Amit Bhar would feel the place with divine wonder and make the people there feel more spiritual.

4)The fine details he paints is a wonder

Amit Bhar doesn’t miss to paint even the fine details like the fall of water droplets. When he pains the paintings on nature he will make sure that the effect of the light looks more real. He takes much effort to work on the fine details of the art he does. It is really hard to express the minute details in art, but his paintings are a real wonder in which we could see all the minute details painted with care. He also plays a lot of concentration on the texture of the paint to show all the fine details.

5) The work is authentic

The paintings done by Amit Bhar are authentic, He is more creative and his works are unique. We could not see the style of some other artist reflected in the works of Amit Bhar.

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