The Archetypal villain

A villain is a character in a play who normally opposes the protagonist or hero in a novel or story; because their actions are opposite to the protagonist and they are evil in nature, villain is the most important character of a piece of literacy whose intention is to harm others. In Othello, lago is a perfect archetypal villain character who intent to deceive other characters and doing things against them. The mighty soul of Othello in the literature is holy and villain has no regard or respect for it; he looks down upon all the noble and pure things in the world including Othello. His character is severely introversion and he dips his anger into his evil deeds.

Lago is regarded as the most dangerous villain who is personification of villain. He thinks that a fair person or entity is a fool and they do not have the power to reverse his actions. He wants to make good things appear evil so that noble people could get deceived easily, he is evil in his own mind. He said “”And what’s he, then, that says I play the villain? “. He had all the qualities of an epic villain including being powerful, intelligent, immoral and determined to hurt others.

Lago works with his diaboligical mind and creates plans in the reunion scene. He aims to destroy the happiness of a wife and husband by doing things more cruel than satan. His goal is to steal the joy and destroy the happiness of others, a skill that he learned and developed from his devious mind(Dawlance Air Conditioners). It is also a proof of his genius in an evil sense; since author has not portrayed Lago as an old man, he only appears to be 27 years old with all the vileness. Doing more horrible things by not forgiving anyone is a true mark of an epic villain.

Being a naturally attaching and mean personality, the character of Lago does not really believe in doing good to others. He had motives to do bad things because he loved bad things. He was the one who had the power to choose the evil path to satisfy his hunger. He liked exercising his authority over the innocent which is reflected by his words:

“Cassio hath a daily beauty in his life,
That makes me ugly.”

The quote also suggests that his mind was strongly influenced by envy and jealousy. His motive is to destroy the happiness of a couple is illogical; his words from various scenes in the play prove that his duplicate nature can start to hurt anyone. His purpose is cheating,deceiving and lying.(Gree Air Conditioner) The poet also suggests throught the verses that Lago has failed miserably in his motives to destroy others when he tried to work out his diabolical plans day by day. It is also suggested by the poet that there was a lacking of passion in Lago and feelings of love to become friends with anyone at a particular place.

The circumstances he created for the characters in Othello indicate that he had greatest love and affection for the evil; Cassio was one character who had affected his end. He urged Cassio to entreat readmission through Desdemona. His intellect shows that he was a super villain in the reunion scene when he glorifies a sad havoc into the lives of husband and wife. His intention to destroy the happiness makes him more horrible character. One cannot easily forget and forgive the character of Lago because he had a passion for sin. It was not by the hands of fate that men and women got hurt in the story, it was the mere intention of Lago.

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