Ponchos and wraps from Rosarini are the two layering pieces we couldn’t love more. Shop our latest collection of unique patterns and soft textures to create the ultimate perfect outfit. Hint: One of their outfit ponchos this season is throwing an Amalfi Reversible Poncho to give your winter fashion an upgrade.





Amalfi Ponchos

Amalfi Ponchos are designed by Rosarini. These ponchos are highly designed using high quality fabric. This yellow and black with pattern poncho keeps you warm and cozy. If you are planning to go for a journey overseas, then the Amalfi poncho is something that you must have.

Single Sided Ponchos

Single sided ponchos are super comfortable and cozy. The yellow and black Amalfi poncho is a poncho that keeps you warm when the weather changes in a sudden and turns chilly. So if you have one of these ponchos in your bag, you will find it so handy that you can put it on and keep yourself warm.



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