Instagram 101 : Quick Guide on How to be on Instagram

Still a lot of us don’t have their Instagram Account yet. To some, doesn’t know what Instagram really is and what is it for. If you don’t have Instagram account yet, please read this article as we give you a quick guide on how to use Instagram so you will not be left behind.

Instagram 101 : Table of Contents

  • What is Instagram?
  • How to Download and Install the Social Media App?
  • How to Create your own account?
  • How to Manage your account?
  • How to Follow people?
  • How to post contents on my account?
  • How to Check people’s post and engage with them?

This article will go about the important information and will answer all the

necessary details about Instagram. So let’s start!







What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking application made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. The same with Facebook, when you created an account you will have your profile and newsfeed. In Instagram, your mobile photography obsession will be out. You can share your daily story and important moments in your life through images or videos. You can also comment and engage with other people’s post whom you followed. You just have to download the app and make your profile. It’s is so interesting, isn’t it?

How to Download and Install the Social Media App?

 Here is the step by step process on how to download and Install Instagram:

  1. Search for the Instagram app. If you are using an Iphone, go to the App Store, if you are using an Android phone go to the Playstore and start searching for Instagram.
  2. Select the Instagram app (its logo is a multicolored camera)
  3. Download the Instagram App.
  4. Once finished downloading it, Sign Up or Log In









How to create your own Account?

Once done downloading the IG App, you must create an account. Sign up and follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you should find “Don’t have an account? Sign Up.” Click here.
  3. Here, you can choose to Sign up with your email address or your phone number.
  4. Then you should type your full name and a password. You can also add a profile photo if you wish to.
  5. You can create your username, be sure it is unique and catchy. If the username is not available, IG will create a random username for you.
  6. Once done with your account you can choose to invite your friends from Facebook and from your phone’s contact list. (You can skip this step if you want).

How to Manage your Account?

You already have an account so always remember your username and password for the Log in. So now, you can follow people you like, share your photos and engage with posts. Here are the important icons you may take note of for a smooth Instagram experience.













These are the most important features.

  • Edit Profile button: You can edit your profile by clicking the rectangular icon on the right side after your profile pic. You can change your username, put an interesting bio, phone number and website.


  • Gear icon:Beside the edit profile icon you will find a small icon. Once you click it, it will reveal options where you can edit the Instagram account settings. You can set your account into private mode or you can also link your account to Facebook.


  • + Person icon:Add your friends from other Social Networks by tapping on this little icon on the upper left corner. Here you can discover and follow people.


Person icon: You will see here the images or post where in you were tagged in.

  • Heart icon: You can see your activities, the post you’ve liked as well as the activities of people you follow.
  • Search icon: You can search here people and public feeds. Mostly posts from celebrities.

How to Follow People?

Following People means you wanted to get updated and see their posts every now and then. You can follow your favorite celebrities, bands, and close friends. After creating an account, IG suggested accounts whom you can follow. Also, you have an option to follow all your friends from Facebook who has Instagram account. You can click the person icon with + sign to follow more people. You can also hit the search button to look for someone you wanted to follow.

How to Post Content on your account?

First IG Photo should be memorable. You will post images that you wanted to share. You will now upload content on your Instagram Account. Hit the plus sign button.

After you hit the + sign button it will give you 3 choices:

  1. Library: Upload pre-existing photos and videos stored on your phone from your phone gallery.
  2. Photo: Take new pictures with Instagram’s in-app camera.
  3. Video: You can publish videos on Instagram.

Once you already choose a masterpiece, you have options to put captions, edit the photo where you can choose a lot of filters to make it more beautiful. You can put hashtags. Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.

You can also share it on linked Facebook Account.

You can also share your IG Stories.

  1. Tap on the camera icon to post your own Instagram Stories. You must allow Instagram to use your phone’s microphone and camera in order to do it. You can share them privately or publish them for all your followers to see.
  2. Hit the Delta icon in the top right to review your private message inbox or send direct messages to your friends.


How to check on People’s Post and Engage with them?


You will enjoy scrolling at the Instagram Homepage looking or checking out post from the people you are following. You can interact with them in 3 ways:

  • Like: By double tapping on an image or video.
  • Comment: By clicking the speech bubble icon.
  • Message: By clicking on the arrow you can send the image to someone else you follow.


Now that you have completed the Instagram steps, surely you can now have an account to look for. Make your contents interesting so you could gain more followers and likes. Also, you might unleash the Photography skills in you. To learn more about how to use instagram Riotly social media is just the place to  get some solid insights.






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