IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong

IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong

All things considered, IGCSE teachers in Hong Kong do have their work cut out for them! There are just too many students, they have to cope with a workload that is exceptionally heavy and the wait for assignments and tests is unbearable.

At the moment, there are four IGCSE tests that are due to be taken by students in the coming weeks. The one being the English component, while three of the four include writing sections, the writing component of the English test is the only one that will not contain oral assessments. IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong can feel exasperated.

The other three tests that students need to take are Maths, Science, and English. Maths is arguably the most difficult subject to teach, so it is no surprise that students in Hong Kong struggle with the subject. But when you consider that half of the students in all IGCSE nations studied Maths and Science, it is certainly a challenge for the tutors.

To make matters worse, English is a subject that many students are afraid of. Although English is a compulsory subject in secondary schools, the English courses offered arent really focused on improving students’ Academics English. This makes it difficult for pupils to choose between subjects which require a longer period of study and will often be something that they want to major on.

In short IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong need to plan carefully. They will need to check which courses are the most appropriate for the subject and which subjects they need to spend time on. Knowing the skills that need to be developed will also help in assessing the resources that are available to them.

The main problem for IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong is that there are so many students. It is impossible to devote sufficient time to each student and ensure that all of them learn as much as possible. When it comes to English, tutors will also need to be fully prepared, so that all students are up to speed and able to compete in the finals.

Even though the writing skills of students are not always the best, it does not mean that they cannot be taught English at all. But with the increased workload, all tutors must find ways to save time. In addition, the subject has changed so much in recent years. That means that it is harder to teach the students, and they sometimes do not always understand what is being taught.

So what can tutors do?

One way is to involve the students more in teaching. By giving students feedback and telling them the contents of each lesson, the tutors can ensure that they are as up to date as possible.

Another way is to make sure that they get some reading material. If the students are not familiar with the subjects they will make mistakes and teachers will find it hard to instruct them.

With the number of students, the workload of IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong has been severely increased. Students can make it difficult for teachers because they can be quite demanding and get frustrated if they are not given enough freedom to learn.

For that reason, most tutors have now started working in smaller groups, where the students can get more individual attention. This way, the students will get better feedback from the tutors and will feel more comfortable.

By now, you must have come to the conclusion that IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong have had it rough. In reality, it is a case of balancing the books. but it is still important that teachers maintain the high standards that everyone expects.

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