How HKEXCEL makes IB Students Successful in Hong Kong

How HKEXCEL makes IB Students Successful in Hong Kong

HKExcel is the most popular IB tuition company with the best IB tutors in Hong Kong. Our primary objective is to make IB students more successful. In 2018, over 50% of HKExcel students scored above 40 points in the IB. IN this article, we will share the method in which we boost our students’ grades

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IB Teaching materials

Schools rely on textbooks to teach IB students. The same textbooks are used by all IB students around the world. If you want to be a top achiever in the IB, we believe that unique resources that are more effective that textbooks will go a long way. If you use the same materials as everyone else, you basically don’t have an advantage.

To ensure that our students do better than average, we invest heavily in teaching materials development. All of our notes are prepared by our IB experts in a very methodical manner. Firstly, our IB experts being by studying IB past exam questions for each chapter to identify the most common question types and the most important concepts that IB students must master. Secondly, based on his or her analysis, our IB expert will start to develop the notes one chapter at a time. Unlike textbooks, our notes will focus on concepts that are the most important and leave out all irrelevant details. In a way, our tutor work backwards from the exam to create the most custom-made notes for the IB exam. After that, our tutor will create IB mock exam question bank that includes similar question types to the IB exam.

As you can see above, our method of creating our teaching materials is highly exam-oriented

2. Recruiting the right teachers

Many students tell us that their teachers at school do not really spend class time teaching useful exam skills, but instead asks students to self-study during class time. I have this experience as an IB student as well. In my opinion, it is understandable why school teachers do this. It has to do with incentives. IB school teachers are paid a fixed salary, that is not related to how well they teach. Moreover, their job is secure unless if there is a major complaint. This allows IB teachers to do a truly mediocre job.

When we started HKExcel, we made sure that our tutors are incentivised to teach well. Our IB tutor’s salary is directed linked to how popular they are with students. Thus, you never see our IB tutors wasting time during a class.

Moreover, we invest heavily in training our tutors. Our co-founders, Ryan and Edward, are top tutors themselves. Their youtube tutorial videos have received over 1.5 million views from students all around the world. This just shows that our co-founders are top tutor themselves who understand how to help students. They train all of our IB tutors will the teaching skills to truly help students.

3. Teaching approach

So what is our IB tutor’s teaching approach? There are a few principles we follow. The first principle is to always choose simple over complicated. If there is an easy way to explain something, always use that, rather than a more complicated way. The second principle is to always be concise. IB students have a lot of content to learn, and it doesn’t help them to teach them materials that are not important to the exams. Thus, our tutors always aim to be concise and to only teach necessary information. The third principle we follow is to always be exam-based. We understand that the IB exam is very important to IB students, and our lessons are always geared towards helping them to achieve their goals. Therefore, our lessons are always focused on helping students to solve IB exam questions more efficiently. Besides teaching concepts, our tutors also focus on teaching IB exam skills.

Our teaching approach described above have been proven to work. In the past 6 years that we have been in business, we have helped over 50 students to score 45/45, which is the top possible grade in IB! On average, each student improves by an average of 1.98 level per subject.

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