Chunky Onion Productions Limited’s Conference Planner Services

Chunky Onion Productions Limited’s Conference Planner Services – Get your Conferences pulled off professionally and successfully

Conferences are a crucial part of today’s business world. In fact, conferences are indispensable for entrepreneurs and it is very important that the conferences succeed, achieving every objective intended and put forth. To be successful, it is vital that conferences are well managed, efficiently conducted and seamlessly organized. In Hong Kong, Chunky Onion Productions Limited is a sought after event production company – it has been in the event management and production field for 18 years, having been founded in the year 2000. If you have an upcoming conference, of any kind, Chunky Onion Productions Limited has all it takes to plan an optimum-level functioning, effectively managed conference that is bound to be memorable.

Chunky Onion Productions Limited has all the resources and manpower to help companies organize conferences that are impressive and run smoothly, without any glitches with all the conference goals being met. If you need overseas based conferences managed, we at Chunky Onion Productions Limited got that covered as well. Chunky Onion Productions Limited possesses a solid knowledge about Hong Kong as a locality and is always on its toes to assist your conference management with a hands-on and holistic approach. All you need to do is select the venue, determine the invited delegates, confirm the keynote speakers and have breakout sessions planned. And, then, we, the team of conference management experts of Chunky Onion Productions Limited swoop in to manage the conference, using our pieces of equipment and provide on-site conference management support.

We at Chunky Onion Productions Limited are committed to providing to our highly valued customers’ comprehensive conference planner services. When a venue has been selected, we do site visits and venue negotiation and communication to ensure everything is in place. If you need invitations then you may use our printed or electronic invitations, whichever you prefer, also, conference brochure printing. Delegating registration website and on-site registration assistance and VIP airport pickup services are also offered along with the creation of signage, backdrops, and displays. If you need extra seats then you will be pleased to know that we design and manufacture custom furniture – you can use our furniture rental service. And, of course, we do all the production and setup needs in accordance with your conferences’ needs. We own audiovisual equipment and employ audio-visual technicians to operate it – In-house Audio Visual expertise & equipment – Lighting, Sound, Projection, LED Wall, LCD Televisions are available to ensure the coherence of your conference. Personnel and technical support, as well as on-site logistics, are provided by us along with delegate tags/lanyards and nameplates. Conference without refreshments isn’t complete and you can trust our catering coordination and conference gala dinner planning to take care of the F&B needs. Last but not least, we also provide event entertainment and branded conference giveaways and souvenirs.

Your stakeholders and sponsors can hire Chunky Onion Productions Limited for their upcoming conferences. The confidence we have in our conference management abilities takes us forward – we will take care of all the logistics and technical aspects that are in association with your conference. Chunky Onion Productions Limited provides our customers with the peace of mind that opens a way for you to build on your networking, promoting and marketing of your conference to the intended masses as well as learning and fulfilling all the devised, planned and laid out conference’s strategic objectives.

Chunky Onion Productions Limited understands that robust resources that are also professional and thorough are vital to ensure the uninterrupted planning and operating of conferences. Besides the resources in regards to material equipment, we at Chunky Onion Productions Limited are supported by a team of a dedicated and dynamic team that drives our conference planner services as well as all other event management and event production services we offer. Key personnel for conference planning and management is a graphic designer and a senior production manager – supported by the entire team of Chunky Onion Productions Limited, the combined effort will cover all aspects of your conference, particularly audio-visual and decorative installation.

We strive to improve our services – you, our prized customers’ feedback is something we at Chunky Onion Productions highly value in that light. Just drop us a line to assist you organize unforgettable and successful conferences that exceed expectations.


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