How Beneficial is Switching to Instagram Business Profile?

How Beneficial is Switching to Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram recently started rolling out business profiles. Instagram is one of the most convenient tool for E-Commerce. Most of the businesses are now switching to business profile to reach more potential clients and to reach more sales using the platform Instagram.

How to switch?

When you open you Instagram Account you will know when you have an access to business profile by clicking your profile icon on the bottom right of the screen. Once you see this message on the top of the screen, you are qualified to switch to business profile.

Click the Learn More button to start the process and learn about the business profile features

Once you’re done, you have to connect your Facebook account profile and Facebook business page. You may update the contact information of your business, including the email address, working phone number and business address. After you have fully accomplished the steps, your account is now officially transferred to an Instagram Business Profile. This can help to make your prospect clients to believe that your business is legit.

In some accounts, the message at the top of the profile didn’t appear. But don’t worry, you may still switch to business profile by clicking the gear button on the top to view the options. Then, scroll down to the account section. You will see an option “Switch to Business Profile,” Tap on the button and follow the steps to switch your account.

What are the benefits of switching your account to business profile?

Will it be beneficial to switch? Here are the advantages of switching to business profile:

  1. Will give your business an exposure. Can Easily Be Found.

Before, the only way your followers can engage with the business outside Instagram was to click the website linked on the profile.

The reason why contact information are important is because once you have provided it for your business account, a contact button will appear in your profile. Instagram users simply have to tap on button and then choose whether they want to email you, call you, or find your business address on a map.

  1. You can tract your Business Analytics.

Even though Instagram is one of the last major social networks to introduce analytics tools, you could only monitor analytics by using a free or paid third-party tool. The Instagram business analytics tools — which are called Insights. Insights could help you check if your business is doing right. Are you getting more followers and visitors.

By going to your profile and tapping the Insights icon on the top right of the screen, you can get an overall view of your Instagram posts analytics.

Once you’ve check the Insights section, you will see how many impressions, reach and follower’s information with the past week. The tool will only show you insights for individual posts within the period you have switched in to a business profile.

Instagram Business Profile

The post in the last seven days which is your top post are shown next. Tap the See More button to see the post sorted by top impressions. You can view analytics for one of the posts, start by clicking on it. Then, to see the impressions, reach and engagements, click View Insights

How Beneficial is Switching to Instagram Business Profile

You will see at the bottom, the follower information. There is a chart which shows on what current day of the week, and what time of the day are most active for your Instagram followers.

Hit the button See More for details on your current follower number. It will also show the breakdown in gender of your followers, an age range, top locations of your followers, your followers’ active hours of the day for each day of the week, and your followers’ active days of the week.

  1. You can Advertise.

Once you have switched to the business profile, creating an ad is easier. Ad creation could only be accessed through Facebook’s advertising tools prior to the business profile rollout.

You can promote your business by clicking the button Promote. It is just so easy.

How Beneficial is Switching to Instagram Business Profile

After clicking the Promote Button, you can select text for a call to action button, then set your budget, choose your target market or audience and select a period of time for the ad to run.

Switch now to be noticed.

We all know that Instagram’s new algorithm is manipulating how and when Instagrammers see the content we post. But, if we switch to Business profile, your Instagram account can be noticed.

Use wisely the insights tool to learn more about of what content is really good for you. Which content can help you gain more followers and post engagements. With this, it could help you target the right market for your business without wasting a lot of resources.

Promote a content which is your top-performing post with the right ads tool to get the attention of more people so that your profile will also gain more followers. These followers will be more likely to hit the contact button and purchase from your business. Instagram Business Profile is a great tool to promote your business. If you haven’t switched yet, don’t waste your precious time to earn, switch now and be noticed.



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