An IB Tutorial centre and an International School

What is the difference between an IB tutor centre and a normal International school centre

There are all sorts of tutorial centres, catering to various curriculums in Hong Kong. The most prominent kind are ones that Cater to local students to help them prepare for the local DSE exams. There is a huge market there and 2 tutorial centres in that market have actually gone public in the HKEx. Then, there are tutorial centres that cater to young students in middle school or primary school. The market is still large as there are many local school young students who want to be tutored. Then, there are some education centres that cater to specific subjects. For example, there are centres that teaches only the math subject, but in all curriculums.

Then there are various tutor centers that teaches international school curriculums. Their target students are students who study in International Schools. However, even within international schools, there are a few curriculums. For international schools with a more American background, the most common curriculum is the AP and the SAT. For international schools with a more British background, the most common curriculum are iGCSE and UK A-levels. Then, there is the international baccalaureate program which is slowly becoming the most popular amongst international schools.

All tutor centres targeted towards International school students normally offer all of the curriculums above. This is understandable as the international school student population is larger than the IB student population. However, HKExcel is the only centre that only teaches the IB curriculum. This is because of our background and our vision for the centre. One of the founders of HKExcel is an ex-IB student. He has experienced all of the struggles that IB students face and knows exactly what serves IB students best.

Teaching only the IB Diploma program allows us to devote all of our energy for several key activities:

  • Our teachers quality and knowledge of the IB syllabus will be maximised when they don’t need to teach other curriculums. Our full time tutors teach up to 40 hours every week on only 1 or 2 subjects in the IB curriculum. You can imagine how much their experience and expertise can accumulate over time. Moreover, our teacher training can also be more focused on honing their knowledge and teaching skills
  • We are very proud of our teaching materials and we believe this is the main reason why students join us rather than other tutorial centres. By focusing on only the IB, our academic team can devote all of their energy to create materials for the IB. This includes updating our notes regularly and making sure that our question bank is complete and that it will prepare students well for the exam

All of HKExcel’s competitors are general international centres. Parents often ask what are the difference between us an them. This difference in multi-fold.

  • All of our tutors go through extensive training on how to teach the IB Curriculum. The trainers for them are our founders, who are top IB tutors themselves. As explained above, our tutors’ expertise in the IB cannot be matched by tutors who teaches all international school curriculums. Tutors who teaches all international curriculums have a lot more to deal with and master compared to our IB experts.
  • From what I hear, most international school centres see themselves as a supplement to school teachers. Their job is to answer questions for students that school teachers do not have time to answer. At HKExcel, we see our roles as the expert that boosts students grade in a very short period of time. Thus, our teaching must be a lot more efficient than school teachers and a lot more exam-oriented. A concept that would take 1 hour in school to teach, can be taught in 15 minutes at HKExcel. This is because we always try to simplify complicated academic concepts down to its essence, so that students can quickly learn it and apply it in their exam.
  • Our teaching materials our unmatched by all other international school centres. We invest tremendous amounts of efforts to continually improve our teaching materials, and because we only teach IB, we can do so very effectively.

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